Skimdurance - the skimboarding endurance event.

  1. Follow the shoreline until you reach the orange pylon way way way down the beach. Return to the start.
  2. Do this repeatedly until exhausted.
  3. Every time you pick up your board (using hands), you must walk backward two board lengths. If you can kick the board, glide with the board, or let the board drift toward shore and then resume riding from the shallows; you may save time, effort and distance. Move the board along with your momentum, like a soccer ball going downfield.
  4. If your board strikes another rider, you must walk backward ten board lengths. Controlled riding is the essence of safety. Try to avoid loose boards.
  5. Stunts and deep water / wave riding are cool, but they slow your forward progress. No bonus points are awarded for style. Smooth continuity has its own style.
  6. The rider with the most laps, wins the event.
  7. Every lap earns points for national rankings, and earns money from your sponsors.


Please Contact Us to pre-register for the upcoming Skimdurance event at Emerald Isle, NC. Open registration begins April 1, 2011.